Accounting/Fiscal Manager I – Treasury Management

July 17, 2023

The State Treasurer’s Office is looking for qualified Cash Management accountants to join its Treasury Management team.

Job Responsibilities
Leads various accounting responsibilities across Treasury Management functions. Receives, reviews, and prepares related financial reports for internal and external agency requirements. Reconciles and maintains Appropriated Account Books for Aid to Subdivisions and Court Fees and Fines. Responsible for the calculation, preparation of vouchers, and financial reports for Aid to Subdivisions. Provides support for the tasks associated with Vendor File Maintenance, Check Distributions, and associated tasks.

Administers the Court Revenue Remittance Program for STO. Manages the processes, procedures and laws pertaining to court fines and the remittance of audits. This would include oversight of county and municipal financial audits receipt, monitoring State laws to ensure the counties and municipalities are in compliance and court fine reporting requirements. Manages withholdings of aid to subdivisions related to court fines.

Leads the Aid to Subdivisions distribution process, performing the calculations, reviewing and reconciling FMS reports to external calculations/SCEIS. Embraces new technologies cultivating the most efficient use of employee time and efforts.

Performs all aspects of payroll distribution and ACH Account Administration. Verifies STO’s payroll balance exactly equals the balance of the CG’s Office. Verifies the payroll file was received.

Acts as the point of contact for vendor communication and/or research to include outstanding payments, AP Control, misapplied payments and ACH enrollment

Provides high level support to the check distribution function. Serves as backup to check pull/check replacement process, check verification process to include stop payments and forgery requests.

Minimum and Additional Requirements
A bachelor’s degree* in accounting, finance, business, or a related field and at least five (5) years of progressively responsible professional experience in a related area, such as accounting, auditing, finance, or banking.

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