Contest Brings Some of Nation’s Brightest Students to Clemson University

May 27, 2014

CLEMSON, SC – Some of the nation’s brightest high school students will be at Clemson University this week to take part in a training camp that decides which four will go to Taiwan to represent the United States in an international computer-programming contest.

While on campus, the 24 students will live in the dorms, participate in lectures on advanced computing techniques and sharpen their problem solving skills by working through daily programming contests.

The training camp goes from May 22-31 and is part of the United States of America Computing Olympiad.

All the programming problems are cow-themed to add a sense of humor to the camp curriculum, but the students’ smarts are no joke.

“They’re immensely talented kids,” said Dr. Brian Dean, the Olympiad director and an associate professor of computer science at Clemson. “They routinely solve problems that would be challenging even for university-level graduate students.”

The training camp participants secured their spots by standing out in a series of six Internet competitions throughout the past academic year. They scored highest in a field of about 2,500.

The top four from training camp will go to Taipei, Taiwan in July to represent the United States in the 26th annual International Olympiad in Informatics. It’s the world’s most prestigious programming contest at the high school level, Dean said.

The event was founded in 1989 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and is hosted by a different country each year.

Most of the students at Clemson’s camp are juniors and seniors in high school, but a few are as young as 8th grade. Some have been to camp multiple times.

They come from throughout the country, and one is a U.S. citizen living abroad in China.

The most advanced students work through programming problems for as long as five hours a day, while first-time campers spend more time in classroom lectures.

When students practice competition problems, it’s not enough for their computer programs to work. The programs also have to run quickly.

“If you solve it the wrong way, it will take hours of computing time,” Dean said. “If you solve it the right way, it takes a millisecond. It’s all about knowing the right algorithm.”

Students who attend camp take part in a number of fun computing challenges beyond the standard camp curriculum.

Last summer, students computed the shortest route required to tour the 500 brightest stars in the sky, then visualized the result on the giant dome of Clemson’s on-campus planetarium.

They also write programs to compete against each other in a strategy game with each player representing a farmer whose goal is to obtain as much milk as possible.

The cow theme goes back to the Olympiad’s origins at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, where it started in 1993.

Dean attended training camp and was a member of the USA programming team as a student in 1994. He became a coach three years later.

The training camp later moved to Colorado College and then to Clemson in 2010. This year’s training camp participants are:

Grad Name School State
2015 James Bloxham Phillips Academy MA
2014 Joshua Brakensiek Homeschool AZ
2017 Bryan Chen Monta Vista High School CA
2014 Bill Cooperman Agawam High School MA
2015 Alexander Dai Mission San Jose High School CA
2015 Matthew Das Sarma Montgomery Blair High School MD
2016 Demi Guo Hangzhou Foreign Language School China
2014 Steven Hao Lynbrook High School CA
2015 Andrew He Monta Vista High School CA
2016 Samuel Hsiang Thomas Jefferson High School VA
2018 William Hu Miller Middle School CA
2017 James Li Mission San Jose High School CA
2015 Kevin Liu Dougherty Valley High School CA
2015 Yang Liu Ladue High School MO
2017 Tiger Luo St. Andrew’s School DE
2014 Jerry Ma West Lafayette High School IN
2015 Vivek Miglani Stoneman Douglas High School FL
2018 Dhruv Rohatgi Davidson Academy of Nevada NV
2018 Nicholas Sun Kennedy Junior High School IL
2015 Scott Wu Baton Rouge Magnet High School LA
2016 Yang Yan The Waterford School UT
2015 David Zeng Upper Dublin High School PA
2015 Hugh Zhang Valley Christian High School CA
2017 David Zhu The Harker School CA