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We FIGHT to make the people part of business easier.
We are a team of experts in the ever-changing world of Human Resources. Our firm provides HR Consulting and Recruiting services to businesses and non-profits with 1-250 employees.
We believe in professional candor, facing challenges head-on, and creating strategic action plans. We help to remove the roadblocks so you can build your team, business, and vision.

HR Consulting

Willis HR has solved thousands of people problems by offering innovative and hands-on HR Consulting:
• On-going HR support that is facilitated in-person, via phone, video calls, and email
• Building HR infrastructure, best practices, and compliance
• Access to full HR Consulting Suite (includes recruiting and HR generalist support)
• Special projects or additional assistance to an established HR team
• Conducting investigations, employee conversations, and terminations
• Online store and monthly subscription to essential documents, forms, and templates


Our Recruiters have been called “Unicorn Hunters.” They love creative headhunting; conducting search and rescue missions for great talent. You will be interviewed before we interview any candidate, we quickly create an ideal candidate profile and hit the ground running
Our clients have trusted us with hiring the most business impacting roles such as CEO & C-Suite Executives, Human Resource Managers & Executives, Administrative Assistants & Office Managers.
Before you ever interview a candidate, they have progressed through our 3-step vetting process and have been identified as a qualified candidate. Don’t worry, as HR professionals, we know how to properly on-board your new hire as well.

Training and Keynote Speaking

Our sessions are known to be high energy, informative, and practical. Whether the facilitator is the CEO or a Rockstar Willis HR team member, our trainings are relevant and easily applied to every day work environments.

What makes us different?

The one thing that remains without a doubt consistent is that every Willis HR employee has a genuine passion for solving problems and helping others.

We care about you and your business.
You will find that every Willis HR team member has a genuine passion for helping others and a true servant mindset. Some say we put the Human in Human Resources. Our goal is to make the people part of business easier.

We have a sense of urgency.
We run with you at the speed of life. There is nothing worse than an unresponsive HR. Whether it’s answering a question or hiring a leader, we are committed to work as quickly as possible.

We are worth every penny.
We know the standard services and fees for recruiting and HR firms. There is nothing standard about Willis HR. We have developed a fair pricing structure with small businesses in mind. We save leaders time and money that far exceed our fees

We don’t say yes to every prospective client.
Just like your sock and shoe, it has to fit. If it doesn’t, it’s uncomfortable and it hurts. Once you become a client, we pour everything into the relationship and the business. We have a personal approach and want to get in the weeds with you.

Our clients are typically small businesses that are passionate about their product and service, they see the importance of HR, and also care about their employees. Does that sound like you? Let’s Connect.