McAngus Goudelock & Courie’s Practicing Green” Recognized by American Bar Association and EPA

July 23, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – July 23, 2008 – Based on its commitment to environmental sustainability through the WasteWise Program, McAngus Goudelock & Courie has been recognized as a Law Office Climate Challenge Partner, an honor founded through the collaborative efforts of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  MG&C becomes the first large firm in South Carolina and North Carolina to be awarded such a distinction.

“Implementing the WasteWise program reflects our commitment to the environment as well as to the principles and standards our employees and clients value,” said Managing Partner Jay Courie.  “We recognize that each goal may seem insignificant by itself; but when viewed collectively, by reducing our firm’s consumption of office-related supplies and promoting environmentally-friendly alternatives wherever feasible, MG&C hopes its efforts at ‘Practicing Green’ will have considerable and long-lasting impacts.”

To be recognized as a Law Office Climate Challenge Partner, MG&C must first implement at least two of the three Best Paper Practices for office paper management, promulgated by the ABA.  These practices include:
• Purchasing office paper with at least 30% recycled content
• Recycling discarded office paper
• Using double-sided copying and printing for drafts and internal documents
Next, MG&C must submit its future goals to the EPA’s WasteWise program, detailing the scope and focus of its waste reduction program and including the key activities the firm will undertake during the next year to become more “waste wise.”

“MG&C has made a concerted effort not only to meet the standards set by the ABA-EPA, but also to go above and beyond those requirements by involving our employees, clients, and vendors,” stated Leah Beckham, Director of Firm Operations.  In addition to the traditional goals of reducing, reusing, and recycling, MG&C has committed to purchasing environmentally friendly products; conserving energy, water, and natural resources; and utilizing tele- and video-conferencing for internal and external meetings in light of pressing energy concerns.  The firm is converting internal distribution of reports, faxes, newsletters, and bulletins from hard copy to electronic, and is changing the default settings on printers and copiers to two-sided for internal drafts.  MG&C has also started a program to assist their employees in the coordination of carpools in its office locations across the Carolinas.  “It’s an ongoing process and there are many other small things we will change along the way that collectively will make a significant impact,” added Beckham.

MG&C held events in all five office locations on July 16 to kick off its “Practicing Green” initiative.  Courie added: “We want our employees to be both proud of and actively involved in the firm’s progressive efforts to decrease energy consumption and promote sustainability in the workplace.”