Press releases are a cost effective way of marketing your company and building brand awareness. Our goal is for more small and medium sized business to take advantage of what we call 'the low hanging fruit' that press releases offer to your marketing mix.

Step 1 - Do you have something newsworthy?

Does your company have news the you would like to share with the business community, customers, prospects, and vendors? Do you have:

  • an important promotion or new hire
  • an award
  • an acquisition, merger
  • a new location; a grand opening
  • a new product launch
  • an event
  • a rebranding;
  • a new partnership

If the answer is YES, then proceed to:

Step 2 - Do you want to write the press release yourself or do you want someone else to write it for you?

Are you are good writer and do you have the time to write the press release? A press release does not have to be long, but it does have to be 100% perfect. Remember, this press release is going to be in the public domain. A poorly written press release will reflect badly on your company.

Option A - write it yourself - FREE.

We can help you with the key elements of a press release. We even have a free template that you can use to walk you through each part of a press release. Click here.

When you have filled in all the information in the template, copy this information to a Word document. Make sure to read and edit your press release so that it flows properly.

Your press release is ready to be uploaded to our WhosOnTheMove site and also to send to other media connections the you have.

Option B - pay a freelancer to write the press release for you - $250 and up

If your press release is about a new hire or a promotion, or an award that you have won, these are relatively easy and it should be about $250.

If your press release is about a new product launch, or a new partnership, it may take a little longer for the freelancer to truly understand your business and put together a proper press release.

We will connect you with a freelancer who will write the press for you. This may be a student at a local journalism school. Click here and we will connect you with someone.

The advantage with Option B is that we can circulate your press releases to our extensive media list including television, radio, print, and online media.

Option C - Hire a professional - not free

Clearly communicating your message as a company is critical in 2021. We can connect you with some of the best in the business to help you craft your company 1) culture, 2) strategy, and 3) marketing, including a broad range of communications.