3 ancient laws to increase our wealth

March 1, 2018

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By Brian Maynor


Everyone wants to be wealthy.

And that doesn’t just mean financial wealth.  Being wealthy is really about having abundance, whether it’s an abundance of friends, time, health or any other factor that improves the quality of our lives.  Having financial abundance may make life easier, but it doesn’t automatically improve the quality of our lives or guarantee a fulfilled one.

If we’re all striving for wealth, wouldn’t it be nice if there were some time-tested guidelines to help us achieve it?  Fortunately we’re in luck.

Here are 3 ancient laws that have withstood the test of time and proven effective in helping us accumulate the wealth we want:

1.   Desire.  It may seem obvious, but we have to really desire wealth before we can ever hope to create it.  Desire is the spark that starts everything, and it’s not just a casual feeling.  In order to activate the Law of Desire we have to see and desire our goal with passion, emotion and specificity.  It may help to think about ‘why’ we want this goal too.

2.    Gratitude.  It’s easier to be grateful when we have a lot, but we need to be grateful when we have very little.  When we are grateful when we have very little we attract more opportunity into our lives, because gratitude opens doors.  Think about it, we are all more likely to help someone who is grateful over someone who is entitled.  It’s easy to slip into a mindset of frustration and start complaining when things aren’t going our way, so we need to be consciously aware and vigilant to look for the blessing in spite of the setbacks.

3.    Belief.  Creating success in any area of life is impossible without belief.  We have to believe in our purpose, our abilities, and our worthiness in everything we do if we want any chance of being successful.  In a nutshell, without belief we are doomed to self-sabotage the success we achieve.  It happens subconsciously and consistently.  Whenever we achieve success we feel is more than we deserve we will act in that pushes back to a level we feel we deserve.  That’s why we have to believe we deserve our goal or we will constantly be working against ourselves in an endless cycle.

Mastering these three laws alone will not automatically and magically create wealth in our lives.  We still have to take action and put in the work, but it will be impossible to achieve wealth without them.  The next time you feel stuck or plateaued in life, take a look back at these three laws.   Following them will make a tremendous difference to our future.


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Click here or on the images below to learn more about the outfit.


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About Brian Maynor

Brian Maynor has built a reputation as one of the leading style coaches in the Southeast and is quickly expanding his eponymous company, BRIAN MAYNOR and his FIND, FLATTER & FLAUNT line of image consulting services. A professional with a fresh, upbeat and down-to-earth personality and boundless creative energy, he works frequently with with local celebrities; Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations; modeling agencies; fashion designers; production companies; record labels; media and individuals. A regular contributor to various fashion blogs and online communities, Brian Maynor is one of the most trusted and recognized style experts in the region, utilizing his education and training as a broadcast journalist to serve as a style lecturer, emcee, and commentator for over a decade. He has appeared at fashion shows, expos, and charity fundraisers, as well as events with big brands like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Chico’s and Macy’s. His approach is innovative, creative and fashion-forward, balancing fresh, modern styles with classic pieces to keep one’s look grounded. To learn more, visit http://www.brianmaynor.com.


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