A Southern Tradition Grows

January 26, 2009

Columbia CVB Youtube “How to tie a bow tie” video reaches 300,000 views 

COLUMBIA, SC – January 26, 2009 – Wearing bow ties are more than customary among gentlemen in Famously Hot Columbia.  On any given day, bow ties, ranging from the ultra conservative to modern and contemporary, can be seen adorned among many local Southern men.  Bow ties in Columbia are such a staple that the Columbia Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) decided to produce a video to show how it’s done.  The video was created and posted to www.hotw2tieabowtie.com a year ago and so far popularity has sky-rocketed it to reaching 300,000 hits.  It is now deemed the most favorite, commented, and rated instructional bow tie video on www.youtube.com.     

According to Youtube Insight, the video is most popular among United Kingdom residents with the United States coming in a close second.  Approximately 25% of the viewers are women and the highest rank in age range is among 45-54 year old men and women.  The video received a spike in views on New Years Eve and during the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.  

The star of the video and co-owner of Brittons in Columbia, Lucky Levinson states, “I get calls from all over with people saying how they just learned how to tie a bowtie by watching the video.  I recently received a call from a gentleman in Great Britain who said he had been trying to tie a bowtie for two years and he couldn’t.  He said he watched the video and saw the trick about pulling it to the side and he just had to call because he finally learned how to tie a bowtie.  It’s truly amazing to have all kinds of people from all over contact me or come into the store to talk about how they’ve watched the video.”

Brittons of Columbia is family-owned and has been in business for more than 60 years.   Located in a posh shopping district on Devine Street, Brittons of Columbia is on the web at www.brittonsofcolumbia.com.  To contact Lucky Levinson directly, e-mail him at [email protected].