Advertisement of vacancies on various boards and commissions

November 15, 2022

The City of Columbia is accepting applications to fill several vacancies on the following boards and commissions.

Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

Seeking to fill nine (9) vacancies.

The purpose of BPAC is to advise the Mayor and City Council Members, the City of Columbia transportation planning staff; community organizations; and partners on bicycling and pedestrian issues facing the city; to work toward development of bicycle/pedestrian master plan; to represent community and constituent interests in transportation planning decisions; and to provide feedback to staff on projects relating to walking and bicycling. Current appointees need to re-apply for consideration. Term – 3 years.


Design/Development Review Commission (DDRC)

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy for an Architectural Historian.

Applicant must have experience as an Architectural Historian. The purpose of the Design/Development Review Commission (DDRC) is to review and approve work proposed within the City’s historic districts, urban design areas, and upon designated landmarks. Term – 3 years.


Deadline – Applications are due no later than November 30, 2022.

To apply please visit,, and apply through our new MatchBoard interface. If you require more information or additional assistance, please contact Ashley Jenkins at 803-545-3026 or send a request via email, [email protected].