Alex Whitten of Daniel Whitten Inspections achieves home inspection license

November 29, 2023

Alex Whitten, a home inspector with Daniel Whitten Inspections, has passed the South Carolina certification exam and achieved his home inspection license. Whitten joined the firm in 2022 as a contracting/building associate and started an inspection apprenticeship process with founder of the firm, Daniel Whitten, that includes co-inspections of up to one hundred homes, then a progression to dual parallel inspections of houses and a comparison and evaluation on inspection reports. Daniel Whitten Inspections offers full home and commercial inspections throughout the Upstate of South Carolina, plus additional inspection services including reinspections, first phase/pre-insulation inspections, limited-area inspections, builder’s letters, and CL-100 letters (wood infestation reports).

Alex Whitten, who graduated from Anderson College with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, worked for more than three years with a local landscape and construction company before joining Daniel Whitten Inspections.

“There is so much to learn in the inspection business,” said Alex Whitten, “and I consider gaining my license to be one of several milestones. The most important thing is to be able to learn during every inspection and add to my library of experiences, day by day and year by year.”

Alex Whitten has served as a volunteer for more than a decade with the South Carolina Search and Rescue Dog Association, a non-profit that aids emergency management and law enforcement agencies in the search for missing persons using highly-trained search dogs. He also served on the leadership team of the BackYard Bible Club (BYBC), which helps plan activities for children in challenging circumstances in Anderson, South Carolina.


Daniel Whitten Inspections

Founded in 2022, Daniel Whitten Inspections provides full home and commercial inspections throughout the Upstate of South Carolina, along with occasional small to mid-sized contracting repair jobs on homes, specializing in at-sale house repairs on a deadline for buildings where the company has not performed inspections. To find out more about Daniel Whitten Inspections, visit or contact Daniel at 864.608.5764 or [email protected]. To connect with Daniel, reach out at