American Legion Post 25 Breaks Ground for New Post Home in Laurens

February 21, 2024

American Legion Post 25 hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on February 17 at 11:00 am at the site of their future home, 19 Choctaw Street in Laurens. The event marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Post 25, which has long been a pillar of support and service in Laurens County.

Post Commander Kevin Farnsworth expressed gratitude to the community for their support throughout the fundraising and community service projects that paved the way for this moment. “It’s been a lot of work raising funds while also engaging in numerous community service projects. We can’t thank the community enough for supporting us throughout this journey,” said Commander Farnsworth.

Over the years, American Legion Post 25 has been actively involved in and organized numerous initiatives to benefit local residents. The legion works tirelessly throughout the year, raising funds to support key community initiatives and undertaking special projects to assist veterans and the elderly in the area.

The groundbreaking ceremony was well attended including groups from adjacent counties joining in to show their support for the American Legion Post 25. Among the distinguished speakers at the event were Post Commander Kevin Farnsworth, Immediate Past Commander Jim Peterson, Laurens Mayor Nathan Senn, Laurens County Councilman Luke Rankin, SC House Representative Stewart Jones, Clinton Police Chief Sonny Ledda, and Laurens County Sheriff Don Reynolds.

Councilman Luke Rankin, a key figure in securing funding for the project, led the charge for a grant of $200,000. During the ceremony, he emphasized the Legion’s commitment to the community, stating, “They truly embody the motto ‘service over self,’ as seen by all they do in the community.”

Representative Stewart Jones, a staunch supporter of the Post stated, “The veterans of American Legion Post 25 do an incredible job serving in our community every day. They will do great things from this new home.”

Adding a poignant touch to the occasion, Clinton Police Chief Sonny Ledda, also a member of Post 25, presented Commander Farnsworth with a flag that had been flown over the Regional Embassy Office in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2006. Chief Ledda, who was working as a private contractor with DynCorp to train Iraqi police at the time, shared this symbolic gesture as a testament to the Legion’s dedication to service.

The first priority for American Legion Post 25 in the construction process is the development of a 40 by 80-foot picnic pavilion, which will serve as a central hub for ongoing community events and legion gatherings. The property, spanning 1.3 acres, is located in the City of Laurens but near the border of the city and county line.

Attendance at the groundbreaking ceremony reflects the community’s appreciation for the Legion’s longstanding commitment to service, and a promising sign of the continued positive impact they will have in Laurens County.