Arts Capacity and South Carolina Philharmonic announce partnership to launch an interactive prison concert program

April 17, 2024

Arts Capacity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing transformative arts experiences to underserved incarcerated communities, and the South Carolina Philharmonic, an orchestra based in Columbia, SC performing live symphonic music and providing dynamic educational opportunities in the Midlands, are thrilled to announce a pioneering partnership to produce a series of prison concert programs in South Carolina correctional facilities.

The collaboration between Arts Capacity and the South Carolina Philharmonic marks a significant step forward in leveraging the power of music to inspire, heal, and rehabilitate individuals within the prison system. This innovative program will be delivered based on an interactive concert model developed by Arts Capacity and will be brought to life by South Carolina Philharmonic musicians. Incarcerated individuals will have the opportunity to engage directly with symphony musicians in these interactive concert experiences tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the South Carolina Philharmonic to channel the potent force of music, not only within prison walls but also through the corridors of family connections and community bonds,” expressed Holly Mulcahy, Founder and Executive Director of Arts Capacity. “In uniting our efforts, our aim is to cultivate healing, strengthen familial ties, and spur personal growth among participants. Through this partnership, we aspire to build a future where the impact extends far beyond the correctional system, influencing positive outcomes within families and communities. It is a profound honor to stand alongside the South Carolina Philharmonic in bringing the uplifting essence of music to incarcerated individuals in South Carolina,” Mulcahy continued. “Music, with its ability to transcend barriers, has the potential to not only uplift spirits but also fortify the foundations of families and communities. We are eager to share our passion with those who stand to benefit the most from its transformative effects, and in doing so, contribute to building a future that embraces the power of interconnectedness and shared growth.”

The inaugural concert is anticipated to occur later in 2024 at Camille Graham Correctional Center in Columbia, South Carolina and represents a groundbreaking initiative to harness the power of music for social good and is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of incarcerated individuals in South Carolina.

For more information about Arts Capacity’s programming & other initiatives or to inquire about partnership opportunities, please contact Executive Director Holly Mulcahy ([email protected]).

About Arts Capacity

Arts Capacity is a nonprofit organization that helps people in need through the power of art, culture, communication and live music to cope with challenges and develop the capacity to experience change for good.