Assessment notices mailed to the appropriate Berkeley County property owners

May 23, 2023
Assessment notices for Berkeley County property owners were mailed on May 19, 2023. These notices only go out to those who experienced a change in property value or assessment for tax year 2023.

A notice of property tax assessment is not a property tax bill. In general, an Assessment Notice informs a property owner of a value or assessment change. Notices are sent the year after a change is made to a property. Some of the changes to trigger a notice may include new buildings, assessable transfer of interest (ATI), renovations, additions, subdividing property, loss of 4% legal residency, etc.

If a property owner wishes to appeal, the owner/representative must complete an appeal request online HERE:…/informal-appeal-request/

The owner/representative may attach documentation to support the appeal. The deadline to appeal is August 17, 2023 (90 days from the date notices were sent). If a property owner does not wish to appeal, no action is required.

Assessment notices may also be viewed anytime via online property cards HERE:

Notices are attached to the card for the years in which a notice was mailed. For estimated taxes, please visit the Auditor’s Tax Estimator online HERE:

For more information, visit Berkeley County Real Property Services online HERE: