Attorney General Alan Wilson Reminds Everyone to Call 811 Before You Dig

April 4, 2024

Attorney General Alan Wilson reminds everyone that April is National Safe Digging Month so call 811 or go to before you dig. It’s the law, and it’s not just for contractors and utilities. No job is too small or too big.

811 is the national number designated by the Federal Communications Commission to help protect do-it-yourselfers, landscapers, and contractors from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines while working on projects that involve digging.

In the United States, someone damages a utility line, on average, every nine minutes. Damage to utilities can disrupt services to your neighborhood or job site, and can even be deadly, especially in the case of damage to gas or electric lines. Liability of tens of thousands of dollars can arise when a utility must repair the damage. Additionally, the Attorney General has the authority to levy fines for violations of the South Carolina Underground Damage Prevention Act. See S.C. Code Ann. § 58-36-120.

You can call in a locate notice request by dialing 811. You can also use the online ticket entry system, Exactix, at . The online ticket entry system can be easily accessed from your computer or cell phone to place a locate notice request. It only takes about two minutes to enter a locate notice request when using Exactix. Locate notice requests need to be made three full business days before work begins.

SC811 offers an online training program available at So, before you plant flowers around your mailbox or start a project that involves digging, contact SC811! Visit for more information about safe digging practices in South Carolina.