Barbells, BBQ and Music at CrossFit864

October 5, 2022

CrossFit864 will host another Barbells, BBQ and Music event on Thursday, October 6 from 6:00-8:00 pm at the gym located at 207 W. Pitts Street in Clinton.

“The weather is great for some BBQ and music outside,” said CrossFit864 owner Janice Long.  “Stop by to pick up dinner or stay longer and enjoy the music.”

Palmetto Meat Company will be serving up the barbecue at $10 per plate for sandwich, chips, water, bbq and sweet potato and water, or tacos, chips and water.  If you haven’t had their barbeque yet you’re in for a treat. They sell out at every event so get there early.

Music will be provided by Chucky Jennings lead guitarist for Band 360.