Being Thankful – A Different View

February 1, 2024

By Jeff Becraft


I did not write today’s Friday encouragement – it was sent to me by a friend of mine named Rick.  It is from The Speaker’s Friend by Leonard Thompson. I found it very encouraging and I hope it will be an encouragement to you today.


I’m thankful for the taxes I pay, because it means that I’m employed.
I’m thankful for the mess to clean after a party, because it means I have been surrounded by friends.
I’m thankful for the clothes that fit a little too snug, because it means I have enough to eat.
I’m thankful for a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning, and gutters that need fixing, because it means I have a home.
I’m thankful for all the complaining I hear about our government, because it means we have freedom of speech.
I’m thankful for the spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking.
I’m thankful for my huge heating bill, because it means I am warm.
I’m thankful for the lady behind me in church who sings off key, because it means I can hear.
I’m thankful for the piles of laundry and ironing, because it means I have clothes to wear.
I’m thankful for getting too much email, because it means I have friends who are thinking of me.
I’m thankful for the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours, because it means I’m alive.


Jeff Becraft is the Director of Our Place of Hope and the Director Emeritus for Youth Corps and has dedicated much of his life to helping shift the vision of people’s lives. Our Place of Hope is a paradigm shift for people living with mental illness that encourages them to regain meaning, purpose, and hope for their lives. You can connect with Jeff at  [email protected].


By Jeff Becraft