Berkeley County Council passes Redistricting Plan reflecting population growth

February 21, 2022
Changes Made to Council District Lines
By unanimous vote at the Berkeley County Council meeting on Monday, February 14,Council members passed the County’s 2022 Redistricting Plan, reapportioning County Council districts. Watch the full meeting HERE.

Over the last month, leading up to Council’s final vote, the County held three public meetings on the Redistricting Plan. The County also setup an online portal for public comments and feedback on the plan and its associated map. To view the interactive map reflecting changes in County Council districts, go HERE.

Redistricting takes place every 10 years following the release of new data from the U.S. Census. District boundaries for federal, state and local elected offices are also redrawn to reflect shifting populations and other updated data from the Census.

“We have experienced tremendous growth in our County, making the redistricting process all the more important. It is critical for our residents and districts to be represented equally on County Council, and this process has achieved that. I’d like to thank our residents and stakeholders who contributed feedback throughout the process and my colleagues on County Council for executing the Redistricting Plan in a way that will allow for optimal engagement between our valued citizens and County Council. I’d also like to thank members of Berkeley County GIS and our Voter Registration and Elections Director, Ms. Rose Brown, for their valued skill and input.” – Berkeley County Supervisor Johnny Cribb

“The County’s redistricting map is the product of a robust and thoughtful process, which prioritized the needs of our residents. I am proud of this map as it represents bipartisanship and was achieved through consensus, hard work and an intentional effort to decrease voter confusion.” –Councilman Josh Whitley, District 2, Redistricting Committee Chair