Bill Seawright Announces Candidacy for Laurens County Coroner

January 14, 2024

Bill Seawright of Clinton has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the position of Laurens County Coroner, bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to community service to the forefront of his candidacy.

A product of Clinton High School, Newberry, and Lander College, Seawright holds bachelor’s degrees in business administration and business education. Additionally, he earned master’s degrees in Sports Management from the United States Sports Academy and a master’s degree in Secondary Administration from Grand Canyon University.

With a vocational background spanning 31 years as a teacher and 35 years as a coach at Laurens and Clinton High Schools, Seawright has also operated Premier Driving School since 2002. His past experience also includes serving as Deputy Coroner for Laurens County from 1999 to 2009.

Seawright’s decision to run for Coroner is rooted in a desire to be part of something greater than himself, contributing to the community he holds dear. Having enjoyed the investigative aspects during his tenure as Deputy Coroner, he aims to bring a proactive approach to the role, particularly in preventing deaths through education.

Recognizing the accomplishments of Coroner Vickie Cheek and her staff in modernizing the Laurens County Coroner’s Office, Seawright envisions further collaboration with schools, churches, and civic groups to develop educational initiatives. His goal is to create awareness and contribute to the prevention of deaths, aligning with the concept of “Prevention Through Education.”

Seawright’s commitment to the office extends to preserving its professionalism and integrity with empathy and compassion. Drawing from his experience working as Deputy Coroner under Nick Nichols, he emphasizes the importance of treating families with integrity, compassion, and respect during the challenging moments surrounding death notifications.

The most challenging aspect of the job, according to Seawright, is death notification. He underscores the need for in-person notifications and delivering the traumatic news with deep compassion for grieving families.

When it comes to potential changes in the office, Seawright’s vision aligns with that of Coroner Vickie Cheek – a proactive approach through education. He aims to further develop educational initiatives and collaborate with various community entities to create a more aware and prepared community.

In conclusion, Seawright wants readers to know that, along with his educational background and career experiences, he believes he possesses the means necessary to operate an efficient Coroner’s Office that the residents of Laurens County will be proud of.