Blooms in Full Swing: Alexander’s U-Pick Introduces Tulip Harvesting Experience!

March 5, 2024

The vibrant colors of tulips have taken Mounville by storm, and Alexander’s U-Pick is delighted to announce a unique U-Pick option for flower enthusiasts.

In response to the unexpected demand, Alexander’s U-Pick has decided to implement a reservation system, ensuring an organized experience for all participants. The farm will be limiting the number of pickers and introducing a sign-up process to guarantee an ample supply of beautiful blooms for everyone.

The tulips, fueled by the unseasonably warm weather, are in full bloom now. To make the most of this colorful spectacle, enthusiasts are encouraged to reserve their spots promptly. The farm will be open on the following days:

  • Tuesday, March 5th: 4pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, March 6th: 4pm-7pm
  • Thursday, March 7th: 4pm-7pm
  • Saturday, March 9th: 10am-1pm
  • Sunday, March 10th: 2pm-5pm

A limited number of 15 slots will be available each day for eager pickers. Participants can choose any time within the specified hours to indulge in the delightful activity of hand-picking their favorite tulips. Click HERE to go to their Facebook post and schedule a time.

After Sunday’s event, Alexander’s U-Pick will assess the response and decide on the open days for the following week. Farm management is committed to providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with nature and bring home a bouquet of vibrant colors from Alexander’s U-Pick!