BOC Sciences innovates in life sciences with advanced long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) technologies

May 28, 2024

BOC Sciences recently launched a package of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) services. The world-leading life sciences research company provides technical support that can propel advances in RNA therapeutics.

Long non-coding RNAs have emerged as key players in various essential life processes, such as epigenetic regulation, transcriptional control, disease regulation, cell differentiation, and individual development. Considering their growing significance, BOC Sciences initiated the establishment of a robust technology platform that can provide both fundamental and advanced lncRNA services for scientists.

“The roles of lncRNAs in multiple diseases, including cancers, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular diseases, are increasingly being revealed,” said the Senior Vice President of Research and Development at BOC Sciences. “Leveraging our expertise and experience in RNA tech, we are confident in helping researchers conduct the most accurate and cutting-edge studies on lncRNA, paving the way for new therapeutic possibilities.”

Up to now, BOC Sciences has developed a comprehensive research toolkit for lncRNA screening and validation, lncRNA functional exploration, deeper target search, and expression & regulation mechanism exploration. It integrates a variety of lncRNA discovery techniques and functional studies to generate precise and consistent results that meet the highest standards in scientific research.

Scientists will benefit specifically from its exceptional portfolio of lncRNA services, including bioinformatics prediction, sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, lncRNA overexpression, lncRNA interference, lncRNA knockdown, lncRNA target gene search, and lncRNA function study. Each service is designed to help researchers in academia and the pharmaceutical industry accelerate their lncRNA-related projects from basic biological studies to preclinical applications, offering new avenues for drug discovery, novel therapeutic target identification, and gene therapy development. Besides, the expert team at BOC Sciences is still working diligently to expand its service range to address more complex research problems.

BOC Sciences’ special emphasis on individual consultation and personalized lncRNA services make it one of the most client-centric organizations in the industry. Its project managers work closely with scientists to understand their unique project requirements and provide expert guidance before, during, and even after the execution of the project.

Dedicated to resolving the great challenges presented in RNA research, the company continually sets the pace in exploring the frontiers of RNA technologies. For more information, please visit


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