Bon Secours adds new providers to gastroenterology team

February 8, 2024

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, and Bon Secours St. Francis has a whole new team of gastroenterologists whose expertise is helping provide patients with new and unique options for cancer detection and prevention.

“Many gastrointestinal cancers don’t have overt symptoms in their early stages, making them harder to detect. So, we’re here to heal you from the inside out, by using cutting edge technology not provided elsewhere in the Upstate to better understand and treat your digestive health issues so that we can offer you the relief you deserve,” said Dr. Veeral Oza, Medical Director of Bon Secours Gastroenterology.

Endoscopies and colonoscopies can be important screening tools to help identify cancerous masses and other diseases in the digestive tract and colon. They can even help determine a cancer’s stage or collect tissue samples for biopsies and other important tests to help oncologists and surgeons decide on the best course of treatment. In some cases, these minimally invasive procedures can serve as a less invasive treatment option.

Bon Secours Gastroenterology provides unique techniques such as endoscopic full thickness resection, removal of large polyps, ablation of specific types of pancreatic tumors among others.

“For instance, we offer a novel technique called endoscopic full thickness resection, which can be used to remove benign or even cancerous tumors from the gastrointestinal tract, without the need for surgery,” explained Dr. Oza.

Large polyps and in some cases small pancreatic Neuroendocrine tumors are also often referred for surgical removal, but Bon Secours Gastroenterology offers advanced techniques which can help patients avoid surgery for those as well.

“These are no longer simple diagnostic tools. The technology has evolved so that we’re able to offer therapeutic procedures. Frequently, outcomes are much better with endoscopic and minimally invasive techniques than traditional surgery,” said Dr. Oza.

Bon Secours Gastroenterology also offers endoscopic ultrasounds which can help providers perform biopsies and detailed examinations of the pancreas, liver, and other organs. The practice is made up of four physicians – Dr. Veeral Oza, Dr. Furkan Ertem, Dr. Rhody Fawaz, and Dr. Ross Sage – as well as two physician assistants – Melissa Grinnell and Nimeshika Yatiyawela.

To schedule a screening or learn more about the digestive health and gastroenterology options available to you, call Bon Secours Gastroenterology at 864-335-7555 or visit


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