Charleston Digital Corridor welcomes Irish trailblazers Fexillon to thriving tech community

May 16, 2024

Left to right – Kieran Beggan Fexilon CEO; Ernest Andrade, Founder and Director of Charleston Digital Corridor; Charleston Mayor William Cogswell

Irish firm is forecasting exponential revenue growth in the US market

CHARLESTON, SC – The Charleston Digital Corridor welcomed Fexillon, an innovative leader in digitising the built environment, to its community as the company establishes its US office in Charleston, SC. As Fexillon embarks on its US expansion journey, the Corridor will provide the Irish firm with an ideal platform to thrive and innovate in Charleston’s thriving tech scene.

Fexillon’s revenue projections for the US market is $10 million by 2026 and it also intends to grow its US team from ten employees in 2024 to over 30 by 2026. These initial 10 positions in 2024 will focus on supporting the rollout of Fexillon’s technology platform in sectors such as rchitecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO), as well as other verticals critical to the company’s success. The company will recruit peer leadership roles in its Technology, Customer Success, Smart Buildings and Building Information Modelling teams. These projections underscore Fexillon’s strategic expansion plans and commitment to achieving substantial growth and success in the US tech landscape.

“We are delighted to welcome Fexillon to the Charleston Digital Corridor community,” said Ernest Andrade, Founder and Director of Charleston Digital Corridor. “Their decision to base their US operations here underscores Charleston’s reputation as a leading destination for tech innovation and growth. Fexillon’s presence within the Corridor will enrich our ecosystem and further solidify Charleston’s position as a vibrant hub for tech companies seeking to thrive and innovate.”

With a strong reputation for quality and innovation built over 24 years, Fexillon has become a trusted partner for blue-chip firms across various sectors in the Irish, UK and wider European markets. The company’s digital asset management solutions have garnered acclaim from blue-chip firms in both the public and private sectors, enabling more streamlined approaches to building and property management. By leveraging its platform, clients can make data-driven decisions, reduce energy consumption, and enhance operational efficiency.

“Our expansion into Charleston marks a pivotal moment for Fexillon and the broader Irish tech community,” said Kieran Beggan, CEO, Fexillon. “We’re proud to bring Irish expertise and innovation to the global stage as we enter the US market. Basing our US operations in Charleston provides comprehensive coverage for our customer base, with promising growth opportunities in South Carolina and neighbouring states.



About Fexillon

Fexillon empowers Owner Operators in navigating the delivery and management of building and infrastructure, seamlessly bridging Strategy to Operations through a centralised enterprise platform. With over two decades of trailblazing digital transformation in the built environment, Fexillon is a pioneer across various sectors and mission-critical infrastructure. Whether facilitating collaborations or orchestrating the complete transfer of digital information, we are dedicated to providing the technological backbone for the future economy within the built environment. Through incremental steps and asset-focused initiatives, Fexillon is reshaping the landscape, collaborating closely with Owner Operators and their project teams. We reimagine digital processes to enhance productivity and minimise environmental impact, catalysing a cultural shift towards building safety. Our mission is to ensure projects are optimised for streamlined efficiency, ultimately contributing to a better-built and more sustainable world.