Charleston High School Wins National got milk Refuel Your School Contest

October 22, 2008

Fort Dorchester High School Patriots score the title of Body By Milk MVP

CHARLESTON, SC – October 21, 2008 – Refueling and staying fit has become second nature to the superstar athletes at Fort Dorchester High School. The National Milk Mustache got milk?(R) campaign announced today that the Patriots Boys Baseball Team has earned the title of Body By Milk MVP (Milk’s Valued Players). The team was nominated to be part of the first-ever nationwide Refuel Your School contest, which rewards high school athletic teams that choose chocolate milk to refuel and rehydrate after that big game, practice or workout.

Fort Dorchester High School Body By Milk MVPs

Current Patriot baseball player John Harrison, submitted a photo to the Refuel Your School contest showcasing how the team refuels with chocolate milk. The photo scored the Patriots a place as one of 25 teams nationwide to be named a Body By Milk MVP (Milk’s Valued Players) by got milk?(R) and the School Nutrition Association.

There’s no substitute for milk, said Fort Dorchester Principal, Jim Atkinson. I encourage players to eat and drink nutritious foods — and always include chocolate milk as part of their recovery routine to stay hydrated and to build strong muscles.

In recognition of the Body By Milk MVPs at Fort Dorchester High School, the got milk?(R) campaign will make a cross-country trek to Charleston on Thursday, October 23rd to host a celebratory Refuel Rally and present the team with a $1,000 grant, plus $1,000 from adidas(R) for new equipment and more.

Chocolate Milk Steps Up To the Plate

Scientists have evaluated chocolate milk as a post-exercise drink and have identified several reasons why it may be an effective recovery aid: chocolate milk contains a combination of carbohydrates and protein to help replenish exhausted muscles after exercise, provides fluids to assist with rehydration, and it contains electrolytes, such as potassium and other minerals like calcium, that are lost in sweat.

Milk contains nine essential nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D to maintain bone strength, and high-quality protein that helps build muscle when combined with exercise. Three 8-ounce glasses of lowfat or fat free milk are recommended each day, which provides about half of the protein teenagers need each day.