Charleston Mayor William Cogswell outlines city’s priorities for improving infrastructure and traffic ahead of transportation sales tax vote

June 10, 2024

In a letter to Charleston County Council, Mayor William Cogswell emphasized the city’s infrastructure priorities and strongly advocated for funding for important road projects aimed at reducing traffic congestion. The mayor’s detailed letter highlighted ten critical road projects within Charleston city limits that he firmly believes must be included in the upcoming 3rd Transportation Sales Tax referendum scheduled for November 5, 2024. These projects, along with the Mark Clark Expressway Completion Project, demonstrate the mayor’s commitment to improving the capacity of roadways that have been significantly burdened by the city’s recent rapid growth.  

Of the $5.4 billion the third Transportation Sales Tax would provide, over $1.8 billion would be allocated towards completing the Mark Clark and over $811,000,000 will be earmarked for potential “new projects” in Charleston County. The following projects were conveyed in a letter to Charleston County Council Chairman Herb Sass on May 28th, 2024, and represent the mayor’s top priorities for this “new projects” funding:  

  •  Maybank Highway Improvements (Eastern Portion)
  • South US-17 Corridor Improvements (Reduced Length)
  • Ashley River Road Improvements (Reduced Length)
  • Maybank Highway Improvements (Western Portion)
  • Harbor View Road Improvements
  • Ashley River Road Intersection Improvements
  • US-17 SC-61 Exit Ramp Improvements
  • Glenn McConnell Overpass
  • Meeting Street Overpass at Milford Street
  • Folly Road Bike/Pedestrian Improvements

Mayor Cogswell has been collaborating closely with city staff and other officials to thoroughly assess these projects and their potential impact on enhancing the well-being of residents. Despite the prioritization of the projects, the mayor emphasized the critical importance of completing all of them to protect our residents’ overall quality of life.  

“Our region is booming, which means we need to think very carefully about every dollar we spend. By communicating our priorities to the County, we are advocating for the next 25 years’ worth of funding and improvements to our roads. Maintaining or improving our infrastructure is something critical to preserving our great quality of life in the Charleston region,” Mayor Cogswell affirmed.