City Council Highlights | December 6, 2022

December 7, 2022

City Council held a meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2022. Highlighted agenda items for the meeting include the following:

City Council approved item #13: Council is asked to improve Contract Amendment #8 for Project SS733702; East Rocky Branch Sewer Improvements Phase  II, as requested by Columbia Water on November 11, 2022. Council also approved item #14: Council is asked to approve a new Professional Services Agreement for Project SD8503; Rocky Branch Alternative Evaluation and Preliminary Design, as requested by Columbia Water on November 11, 2022.

The following overview provides project details:

Project Description: This project includes an evaluation of a number of identified alternatives targeted at relieving repetitive flooding concerns in the Rocky Branch watershed. The scope includes the analysis of 13 previously identified flood relief solutions, with the possibility to incorporate additional alternatives as well. ESP will provide a report summarizing the results of their evaluation for presentation to City staff and City leadership. Based on direction provided by City leadership, this scope of work also allows for ESP to begin preliminary design initiatives to implement a selected alternative.

Objectives: This project will provide the City with a concise understanding of opportunities to alleviate flooding in the Rocky Branch watershed, and with the preliminary design of a selected flood improvement alternative.

Current Project Status: ESP and Associates has previously studied the Rocky Branch watershed and has developed a comprehensive watershed model. Under this project, ESP will determine the anticipated benefits from a number of identified flood improvement alternatives. ESP was previously selected for the City’s list of qualified firms for Stormwater Professional Services.

Project Funding: This project is being funded through the City’s Stormwater Bond Program. Council is asked to approve funding in the amount of $209,720.00. This project is a Mentor Protégé Program project, with the protégé Hybrid Engineering Inc., located in Irmo SC, providing services at 20.03% of the total contract.

Project Contact:

Frances Bryan, PE
Assistant City Engineer – Design
[email protected]

Later in the meeting, City Council passed a resolution to begin the installation and maintenance of two beautification projects, including Highway 302 from the entrance to the Airport to I-26, and the Forest Drive, I-77 interchange. These areas were selected based on traffic patterns throughout Richland and Lexington County. This project is led by the Midlands Business Leadership Group, an organization that set forth to lead a public/private sector driven initiative to tackle beautification challenges in the Columbia region. For the past several years, MBLG has been working on gateways for gateway beautification along with council members both past and present. This project is made possible with funding from private donors and the collaboration of our local counties and municipalities for the ongoing maintenance cost (Item #29).

Mayor Rickenmann shared a brief video recap of some of the topics discussed at the meeting. Topics include:

  • The Cooperative Ministry Proclamation (Item #4)
  • Continuing to Invest in in water/sewer, infrastructure, vehicles, technology and employee healthcare (Items #6-10 & 12-16)
  • Changes in Zoning and Building Ordinances (Items #26 & 32-39).

Please view the recap here:


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