City of Charleston awarded $10 million grant for King/Huger Pump Station

May 2, 2023

The City of Charleston has been awarded $10 million in funding from the South Carolina Infrastructure and Economic Development Fund for the “King Street Pump Station” project, the second and final phase of the King/Huger Street Drainage Improvement Project.

The new pump station, located at the intersection of King and Huger Streets in downtown Charleston, is expected to pump approximately 70,000 gallons of water per minute when complete.

The first phase of the King/Huger project involved improving the surface collection system and was completed in early 2022. The second phase involves installing a pump station to take the water from the improved collection system and pump it out to the river through Newmarket Creek. The City is partnering with the Charleston Housing Authority to build the second phase of the project on the vacant Huger frontage of Enston Homes.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg said, “When complete, this drainage project will make a real difference for our citizens, and I want to thank the state for providing the critical support we need to get construction underway.”

In addition to flood relief, the city is incorporating green infrastructure, landscaping improvements and architecturally attractive building materials to make the project an amenity for the neighborhood as well.

The project is set to go out to bid later this year, with work expected to be complete in 2025.