City of Charleston Mayor’s Office for Children, Youth, and Families facilitates surveys to address childcare challenges

April 1, 2024

The City of Charleston Mayor’s Office for Children, Youth, and Families (MOCYF) is taking a proactive approach to tackle the critical challenges surrounding childcare accessibility, affordability, and continuity. Spearheading the efforts of the regional Early Learning Action Team, in collaboration with Tri-County Cradle to Career and over 15 regional organizations, MOCYF is launching comprehensive surveys aimed at both childcare providers and parents/caregivers.

These surveys serve as a pivotal step in understanding the complex landscape of childcare in our communities. By gathering firsthand insights from childcare providers and parents/caregivers, the City of Charleston aims to craft targeted strategies that address the specific needs and concerns of all stakeholders involved in childcare provision and utilization.

“We understand the pivotal role that accessible, affordable, and high-quality childcare plays in the development and well-being of our children,” stated Mindy Sturm, Director of the Mayor’s Office for Children, Youth & Families. “Through these surveys, we are committed to amplifying the voices of childcare providers and parents/caregivers to inform our collective efforts in building a more equitable and supportive childcare system for all families in Charleston.”

The surveys, designed to be completed in just five to seven minutes, delve into various aspects of childcare provision and utilization. Topics include family accessibility, staff development, center accessibility, hours of operation, types of care provided, waitlisting, and more. Both childcare providers and parents/caregivers are encouraged to participate in this crucial endeavor to shape the future of childcare in our region.

To take the survey, please visit

For inquiries or assistance regarding the survey, please contact Mindy Sturm, Director of Mayor’s Office for Children, Youth & Families, at [email protected].