City of Charleston partners with Intellicheck to equip King Street area businesses with ID scanning app

November 30, 2022

City officials and Intellicheck, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDN) announced the launch of a new pilot program aimed at tackling the problem of underage drinking. The six-month pilot will allow up to 31 King Street area bars and restaurants to use Intellicheck’s identity verification mobile technology application. Intellicheck’s ID verification technology has proven to be more than 99% accurate in authenticating IDs in under a second using existing mobile devices or point-of-sale scanners.

The program is being underwritten by the city of Charleston and Explore Charleston with Intellicheck contributing the state-of-the-art technology solution at a sharply reduced cost. Participating area businesses will use the same tool currently being used by the city of Charleston Police Department and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, in addition to other law enforcement agencies across the country. The goal of the program is to eliminate underage drinking in the King Street area.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg: “As mayor, I’d like to thank Intellicheck, Explore Charleston and all the participating local businesses. This is a remarkably promising initiative, and a powerful example of what we can achieve when we work in partnership with our residents and small business owners to help keep our city safe.”

Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis said the partnership provides a dynamic solution to the problems caused by the use of high-tech fake IDs. Lewis explained fake IDs have become so sophisticated that even the most seasoned law enforcement officers cannot distinguish them from a legitimate ID with a visual inspection.

Twenty-four businesses have committed to participating in the program thus far. The partnership officially kicks off on December 5.


About Intellicheck 

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