City of Charleston steps up enforcement of illegal car carrier delivery parking

April 25, 2023

Last week, code enforcement officers with the city’s Livability Department hand-delivered a letter to managers of car dealerships along Savannah Highway announcing an enforcement initiative to prevent car carriers from blocking the highway median or side streets when making deliveries.

The letter, signed by Director of Livability Dan Riccio, states in part: “It is incumbent upon your dealership to discourage the carrier companies from continuing the practice of illegal parking…. The city is asking that you arrange deliveries by the carriers to your dealership in a manner that does not impact Savannah Hwy. or surrounding neighborhood streets. The safety of our citizens is of the utmost importance, and your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.”

Mayor John Tecklenburg said, “Like our recent enforcement efforts in the business district downtown, this action addresses an important public safety and quality-of-life issue for our citizens. We look forward to working with our residents and car dealers to put an end to this practice.”