City of Columbia expands hospitality district recycling program

May 25, 2016

The City of Columbia Solid Waste Division is pleased to announce the installation of 13 new recycling containers in Columbia’s hospitality districts.

New blue containers will be installed along the sidewalks for public use in the City’s three hospitality districts. Residents and visitors will be able to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspaper and more while strolling the streets of Columbia. The hospitality recycling program began with the “Big Belly” recycling containers from Waste Management.

Five Points will be receiving the first set of new, blue recycling containers. The containers have been strategically placed in order to recover more materials using the “twin the bin” approach. Each recycling container will be placed next to a garbage container to help educate the reasons why waste reduction and recycling are important.

The hospitality district recycling program was made possible by grant funding. The City was awarded $5,000 by PalmettoPride for the purchase of the Five Points containers.

The City was also awarded $75,000 by DHEC’s Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling for the expansion of the single-stream program. The Vista and Main Street will also be receiving containers in the coming weeks.

The City of Columbia is committed to expanding the recycling program beyond curbside collection. The curbside program currently collects an average of 502 tons per month. In effort to reduce litter, save landfill space and save natural resources, the City is working to increase access to recycling and increase the amount of recovered materials.

The goal is to twin the bin in the hospitality districts. As the City is awarded additional grant funding, more containers can be placed in the hospitality districts to twin the bin.


For more information, please call Solid Waste at (803) 545-3800 or visit