City of Columbia Parking Services announces 2023 amnesty program

June 26, 2023

City of Columbia Parking Services has announced an amnesty program. Citizens will have the opportunity to have all late fees forgiven that are 30 days up to 3 years old. This program only applies to Parking citations and not traffic citations. The program will run for only 30 days, from July 01, 2023 through July 31, 2023. In order to participate in this program the citizens must do the following:

Citizen Responsibility

  • Citizen must come into the office at 820 Washington Street between the hours of 8:30 am-5:00 pm.
  • A Citizen can only apply for amnesty one time.
  • Citizen must provide the citation or vehicle plate, in order for staff to research all citations associated to the vehicle tag. Citizens that have multiple vehicles must provide all tag numbers at this time.
  • All payments are due at the time of request. Late fees will revert, if full payment is not receive.
  • Online payments are not eligible for amnesty.


The application is located on Parking Services’ website at: