City of Laurens Announces Amnesty Period Before “Clean Up Crack Down” for a Cleaner, Safer Community

June 13, 2024
In an effort to enhance the beauty and safety of the community, the City of Laurens is offering city residents a unique opportunity to address property maintenance code violations without penalty. This property maintenance amnesty period, starting from April 22nd and extending until June 24th, will allow residents to address any existing code violations without facing immediate enforcement actions.
This initiative reflects the City’s commitment to a cleaner, safer Laurens. In implementing this initiative, the City is drawing parallels to the SC Highway Patrol’s successful “Click-it or Ticket” campaigns. Just as the public is forewarned about the increased enforcement of seatbelt laws, Laurens residents are now given a clear, timely heads-up to correct any property issues. This approach is designed to encourage voluntary compliance and community engagement before the City intensifies its enforcement efforts in the upcoming “Clean-up Crackdown.”
Key Focus Areas
During this period, the City will be paying particular attention to violations that impact safety and community well-being. This includes properties that are unsafe and unfit for occupancy, or visibly blighted. Other property maintenance violations will also be under scrutiny to ensure a comprehensive clean-up effort.
A Message from City Leadership
Mayor Nathan Senn emphasized the City’s desire for fairness and cooperation, which are major drivers of this initiative: “Our goal is to improve the quality of life in Laurens by ensuring all of our neighborhoods are clean and safe. This amnesty period is a demonstration of our desire to work collaboratively with our residents to clean up our city. Our goal is not to issue fines. It’s to have a cleaner city.”
City Administrator Eric Delgado urges residents to take this amnesty period seriously: “This is the time for residents to act proactively and clean up their property. The enforcement phase which begins June 24th will be serious. At that point, there will be no warnings. Consider this announcement as your warning.”