City of West Columbia awarded $10 million grant for water infrastructure upgrades

April 26, 2023

The City of West Columbia received a grant for $10 million from the South Carolina Rural Infrastructure Investment Program with the assistance of Senator Nikki Setzler and Representative Micah Caskey. Notified on Monday, April 24, 2023, the funds will assist in approximately $15.1 million of water distribution-related projects in both residential and commercial areas inside and outside the city limits, upgrading over 45,000 linear feet of water infrastructure including 432 new services and 31 new fire hydrants which will improve system operation and performance.

The $10 million in grant funding was the maximum grant amount awarded to an entity and will allow for the completion of major capital projects and reduce future financial impact on rate payers. The award also makes funds available for other projects, such as the Lake Murray Water Treatment Plant expansion, a project that is increasing water treatment capacity and upgrading treatment technology. The City of West Columbia provides water to a majority of Lexington County through the two water treatment plants, the distribution system, and wholesale customers (Joint Municipal Water Sewer Commission and the Town of Lexington).