Clemson Graduates Encouraged to Serve Their Communities

December 22, 2008

CLEMSON, SC – December 22, 2008 — Benjamin Carroll Boozer, a resident of Columbia and a leader in strategic community planning in South Carolina, received an Honorary Doctorate of Education Thursday at winter graduation at Clemson University.

Boozer spoke about service to the 1,112 graduates in Littlejohn Coliseum.

“What better way to give back than to give back to your respective communities?” Boozer said. “Or better yet, take a leadership role in your community and don’t be afraid to ask the ‘what-if’ questions.”

Boozer has more than 30 years experience in community development. His work with Clemson’s Institute for Economic Development helped establish a statewide network of technical assistance, insightful guidance and leadership capacity development in communities all over South Carolina.

Under his guidance, a collaborative group of state agencies, local government entities, other institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations and civic groups convened regularly to address challenges of rural communities in South Carolina. The group developed strategies for pooling resources and outreach endeavors to provide assistance to the communities.

Boozer has served on nearly a dozen economic development boards in South Carolina and is widely recognized as one of the state’s leading experts on community development and as a premier facilitator in conducting strategic planning sessions and other community public meetings.

Of the 1,112 degrees conferred at the ceremony, 861 were bachelor’s, 199 master’s and 52 Ph.Ds.