Clemson University Budget-Reduction Measures Include Three Employment Options

January 18, 2009

CLEMSON, SC – January 17, 2009  — Clemson University is offering a retirement incentive program for faculty and staff in its Public Service Activities division and two other universitywide programs to reduce payroll and help alleviate the university’s ongoing state funding cuts.

Unless there are additional mid-year cuts, Clemson has balanced this year’s budget by requiring furloughs, freezing hiring, restricting travel and delaying construction projects. However, deeper cuts in state funding in the next fiscal year must be addressed.

Clemson will address these cuts through three new options announced today:

  • Voluntary Furlough Program
  • Voluntary Reduction in Time Program
  • Public Service Activities Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program for PSA-Funded employees only

President James F. Barker said each program was suggested by faculty and staff members in response to the call for ideas to manage the budget crisis.

“I’d like to thank these colleagues for their suggestions, along with the members of our human resources and legal teams who worked to make these options available,” Barker said. “The response to these voluntary programs will help us understand the size of our challenge next year.”

Employees in full-time or part-time full-time equivalent (FTE) positions are eligible for the Voluntary Furlough Program. It will allow any employee to request up to 90 calendar days of leave without pay — in addition to the five-day mandatory furlough — by June 30. Approval is required.

Employees on non-probationary status in full-time or part-time FTE positions are eligible for the Voluntary Reduction in Time Program. This option allows university managers to offer exempt and non-exempt faculty and staff the opportunity to voluntarily permanently reduce their time and corresponding pay.

Participation in the program will be contingent on departmental operations and workload needs. Employees may reduce their normal work schedule and corresponding pay by a minimum of 10 percent to a maximum of 50 percent in 5 percent increments.

The Public Service Activities Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program is for PSA employees only and applies to all faculty and staff in PSA-funded positions across the university. Those who choose to participate will separate from employment at Clemson by July 24.