Clinton City Council Approves Impact Fees for Public Services

March 10, 2024

In a recent session of the Clinton City Council, a pivotal decision was made to introduce Impact Fees aimed at supporting crucial public services and parks. The fees, applicable to new developments, were officially endorsed during the council’s regularly scheduled meeting.

The approved Impact Fees specifically target Police, Fire, and Parks facilities, with a strategic focus on addressing the demands posed by the city’s growth. It is essential to note that these fees will have no bearing on existing businesses and residences, ensuring the continuity of current operations.

Impact Fees serve as a financial mechanism to assist in covering the capital costs associated with the increased demands on Fire and Police Facilities and Recreation Facilities. By allocating a portion of these costs to new developments, the city aims to foster sustainable growth and maintain the high standards of public services and recreational spaces that Clinton residents value.

For those interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Impact Fee structure, the complete Impact Fee Ordinance can be accessed on the City of Clinton website. The ordinance outlines the specifics of the fees, their allocation, and the overall strategy behind their implementation.

To access the Impact Fee Ordinance directly, please click HERE.

As Clinton continues to evolve, the introduction of Impact Fees underscores the city’s commitment to responsible development, ensuring that the community’s essential services and recreational areas keep pace with its growth.