Clinton Community Garden Project Welcomes Spring with

February 27, 2024

Attention local gardeners and “garden curious”! As part of our “SEEDS OF LOVE” initiative, to help you “grow your own”, the Clinton Community Garden Project will host  the Seeds of Love Seed Swap from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, March 2, at the Garden Pavilion, 1119 S. Bell St., Clinton.

Remember, seeds planted now will be ready to go in the ground shortly after the final frost date here in Clinton of April 3.

Here are the details for this free event.

We welcome:
⁃    Vegetables, flowers, and herb seeds.
⁃    Also annual, perennial, and native seeds.
⁃    But no invasive species please

To participate:
Just bring seeds you don’t want or have enough of and swap for something you DO want. Also, we like it when you hang out and visit with us—that’s warmly encouraged.

What if I don’t have seeds to swap?
DON’T WORRY!  Bring a canned good and take as many seeds as you like or can use. We’ll donate the canned goods to the food bank.

OK, I’m bringing seeds, what do I do?
⁃    Please place them in a sealed envelope or bag.
⁃    Label them with the plant name, year collected, and seed source (where you bought or collected them).
⁃    Also, an image of the plant would be nice but is not required.

OK, I want seeds. But I’m scared—I don’t know what to do next…
WE GOT YOU COVERED! Master gardener and garden angel Jim Reynolds will be our special guest at 11 a.m. He’ll walk you through “Beginning Gardening”: seed starting, growing your seeds to transplant size, and preparing a bed to plant them.

There’s plenty of parking available across the street at Friendship A.M.E. Church. We also love children and pets but they must remain supervised/on leash.