Clinton Red Devil Mascot wins WSPA Mascot Challenge 2023 After Three Rounds of Public Voting

November 25, 2023

In a great display of school spirit and community support, the Clinton Red Devil mascot has triumphed in the WSPA Red Zone Mascot Challenge 2023.

The journey to victory began with the Red Devil mascot making it to the second round of the WSPA Mascot Challenge. This annual event, organized by WSPA Red Zone, provides schools with the opportunity to showcase their beloved mascots and rally support from their communities. For Clinton High School, the Red Devil is not just a symbol; it’s a representation of the profound school spirit and unity cherished by students and the local community.

The second round of public voting, which concluded on October 30, saw four mascots advancing to the final showdown. These contenders were the:

  • Clinton Red Devils
  • Fountain Inn Fury
  • Gaffney Indians
  • Ware Shoals Hornets

As the final round drew near supporters, alumni, and students rallied behind their favorite mascot, flooding the voting platform with enthusiasm and pride for their schools.

The final round of public voting, which closed on November 20 at 3:00 pm, saw the Clinton Red Devils maintain their lead and become the undisputed champions. The Red Devil mascot garnered an impressive 12,012 votes, securing a commanding 54% of the total votes cast.

The final voting results stood as follows:

  • Clinton Red Devils: 12,012 votes (54%)
  • Fountain Inn Fury: 2,813 votes (12%)
  • Gaffney Indians: 4,965 votes (22%)
  • Ware Shoals Hornets: 2,094 votes (9%)

The victory is more than just a win for Clinton High School as it also comes with a monetary prize of up to $500, a well-deserved reward for the dedication and passion displayed by the students, staff, and community for their Red Devil mascot.