Collexis and SyynX Solutions Present Healthcare Case Study

August 22, 2007

Columbia, SC – August 21 – Collexis Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: CLXS), a leading developer of knowledge management (KM) and discovery software, announced today a case study describing the successful introduction of a knowledge and skills management system from SyynX Solutions, based on Collexis patented Fingerprint technology, will be a featured topic at the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium.  The consortium, co-sponsored by Collexis, is aimed at hospital CIOs and CMOs and will be held at the consortium offices at 460 Totten Pond Road, Waltham, MA this August 23.

The case study took place within the Asklepios Hospital Group, which is the largest privately owned healthcare provider in Germany, operating over 90 medical facilities in Germany plus several facilities in the United States.  The Group’s challenge was to increase closer cooperation among practitioners, create more intensive communications and better cross-institutional knowledge transfer.  Asklepios needed a solution that would make relevant knowledge for patient care quickly available to doctors.  The solution needed to be capable of integration into the Future Hospital Program, which involves a partnership between Asklepios, Intel and Microsoft.  The answer was creating a central knowledge and skills management system developed and implemented by SyynX Solutions, the German partner of Collexis Holdings, Inc.  The Collexis Fingerprint Engine is a primary component of this system utilizing automated document analysis, which enables expertise profiling or identification of experts within Asklepios who best fit a specific patient case or scientific/medical task.

Bill Kirkland, CEO, Collexis Holdings, Inc. comments, “It is particularly gratifying to work with the prestigious Asklepios Hospital Group as it utilizes knowledge management tools to find, share and integrate information more easily and effectively.”

Featured speaker, Dr. Christian Herzog, Managing Director, SyynX Solutions, adds, “We welcomed the opportunity to develop a central knowledge and skills management systems using our SyynX Clinical Solutions powered by the patented Collexis Fingerprint to solve the unique challenges of Asklepios.”

In addition to Dr. Christian Herzog, featured speakers include Mr. Uwe Pöttgen, CIO, Asklepios and Dr. Ron Ribitzky, Senior Healthcare Strategist, Intel. 

As well as the Asklepios Hospital Group, Collexis products and services are utilized by Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute, the University of California, San Francisco, the University of South Carolina, Merck & Co., Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lockheed Martin, the World Health Organization, the National Institutes of Health and the US Department of Defense.

Collexis Holdings, Inc.

Collexis Holdings, Inc., a global knowledge discovery company since 1999, is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina (USA) with two subsidiaries; Collexis Inc. in Columbia, South Carolina, USA and Collexis, B.V. in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands.  Collexis’ patented technology builds conceptual profiles of text, called Fingerprints, from documents, websites, e-mails and other digitized content to create applications.  The results are often described as “finding needles in many haystacks.”  Through this novel approach, Collexis can build unique applications to search, index, and aggregate information as well as prioritize, trend and predict data based on sources in multiple fields, without the limitations of language or dialect.  The company’s mission is to develop software supporting knowledge retrieval and discovery across multiple industries. 

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