Collexis Announces New GM for Government Business Sector

September 29, 2007

COLUMBIA, SC – September 27, 2007 – Collexis (OTCBB: CLXS), a leading developer of knowledge management (KM) and discovery software, recently announced that Jon Lieberman has assumed the position of General Manager for Government and Strategic Accounts for the Americas.

“Jon brings us 20 plus years of experience leading services, systems and software teams with federal government contract work,” said Collexis CEO Bill Kirkland.  “After beginning his career in the U.S. Department of Labor public information office, Jon built two successful media and technology services companies for government contracting.  In the last ten years, he had represented a series of vanguard software technologies including Convera, Siderean, and Vivisimo to federal and civilian clients, as well as arranged key technology and integration partner business relationships.”

Lieberman was Convera’s most successful manager of DOD and defense intelligence business over its more than 20-year history.  He forged long-lasting relationships with some of the military’s most respected advisors.  A pioneer in the knowledge management industry, he has closed significant business over the years in many government sectors such as the Army, Navy, Air Force and joint commands under the Secretary of Defense.

I am very excited to be working for a company that is realizing the long awaited promise of knowledge management.  Collexis goes way beyond basic information retrieval to extract and present the knowledge locked up in documents.  There have been so many disappointments in this field,” explained Lieberman.  “So many software companies promise KM solutions, but really only provide information retrieval tools.  Collexis helps you put knowledge to work solving real problems such as content navigation and categorization, expert location, suspect identification, tracking and trending of important concepts and even prediction of new relationships.”

Lieberman grew up near New York City and earned a B.S. in Communications from Cornell University and a Masters degree in Technology Management from the University of Maryland.

Collexis Holdings, Inc.

Collexis Holdings, Inc., a global knowledge discovery company since 1999, is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina (USA) with two subsidiaries; Collexis Inc. in Columbia, South Carolina, USA and Collexis, B.V. in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands.  Collexis patented technology builds conceptual profiles of text, called Fingerprints, from documents, websites, e-mails and other digitized content and matches them with a comprehensive list of pre-defined “fingerprinted” concepts to make research results more relevant and efficient.  This matching of concepts eliminates the ambiguity and lack of priority associated with word searches.  The results are often described as ”finding needles in many haystacks.”  Through this novel approach, Collexis can build unique applications to search, index and aggregate information as well as prioritize, trend and predict data based on sources in multiple industries without the limitations of language or dialect.  Representative clients include the NIH, Johns Hopkins, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Wellcome Trust, Harvard and the University of South Carolina to name a few.  Collexis shares of common stock are traded under the symbol CLXS on the OTC Bulletin Board (OTC BB).  For more information visit