Collexis Hires Darrell W. Gunter as New Executive VP/Chief Marketing Officer

July 30, 2007

Columbia, SC, July 30 – Collexis, leading developer of knowledge management (KM) and discovery software, has recently hired Darrell W. Gunter as its Executive VP/Chief Marketing Officer.

Mr. Gunter previously worked for Elsevier, the largest publisher worldwide of print and electronic scientific, technical and medical journals, with offices in New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro.  He served as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the North American marketplace.  During his tenure with Elsevier, he was consistently the highest ranking sales director and successfully launched a new regional office for sales and service to the academic, government and corporate markets in North, Central and South America.  Prior to that Mr. Gunter held a senior sales and marketing position at Dow Jones Financial News Service.

Collexis CEO, William Kirkland, commented, “We are extremely happy to have Darrell on board as our Executive VP/Chief Marketing Officer.  His extensive experience in the strategic development of new and existing businesses, coupled with his marketing and sales background in the publishing and information delivery industries, make him a valuable asset to our team, especially as we prepare to launch our science portal, which will truly connect the life science community.  Among other things, the Collexis scientific portal will profile over 5 million scientists worldwide based on their published works, show their extended network of contacts and allow them to interact in a way not previously available.”

In his new position, Mr. Gunter is joining the executive team of a company whose software enables researchers in government, educational institutions, the pharmaceutical and other industries to better research an ever-increasing body of literature, data and discoveries.  Mr. Gunter said, I am very excited to join Collexis at this pivotal moment in time.  With the number of articles and other text sources in the millions and growing exponentially through the Internet, standard search tools are not effective anymore.  I came to Collexis to be involved with a unique and revolutionary software engine that allows the researcher to organize the mountains of data in front of him, turn that data into relevant information and then use that information to gain knowledge, all in a time-efficient and language-independent manner.  The Collexis engine also allows the researcher to relate previously unconnected information through trend analysis.  I view this as an unprecedented opportunity.”

Mr. Gunter earned a degree in Business Administration from Seton Hall University and his MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

Collexis Holdings, Inc., a global knowledge discovery company since 1999, is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina (USA) with two subsidiaries; Collexis Inc. in Columbia, South Carolina, USA and Collexis, B.V. in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands.  Collexis patented technology builds conceptual profiles of text, called “Fingerprints,” from documents, websites, e-mails and other digitized content and matches them with a comprehensive list of pre-defined “fingerprinted” concepts to make research results more relevant and efficient.  This matching of concepts eliminates the ambiguity and lack of priority associated with word searches.  The results are often described as ”finding needles in many haystacks.”  Through this novel approach, Collexis can build unique applications to search, index, and aggregate information as well as prioritize, trend and predict data based on sources in multiple industries without the limitations of language or dialect.  Representative clients include the NIH, Johns Hopkins, Harvard and the University of South Carolina to name a few.  Collexis shares of common stock are traded under the symbol CLXS on the OTC Bulletin Board (OTC BB).  For more information visit