Colonial Life Funds Palmetto Place Program

June 21, 2013

Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter announced funding from Colonial Life for its Teen Life Skills program.

The Shelter has received $2,500 to assist in teaching teens independent living skills, including grocery shopping, cooking, using a bank account, using public transportation, finding an apartment, applying for college and jobs and other skills essential to living on their own. These skills prepare kids for both the college and work environments.

We want all of our teens to leave Palmetto Place knowing how to survive and thrive in the world so that they can someday start healthy, happy families of their own, said Erin Galloway, executive director of Palmetto Place. This program is a crucial part of our mission and we’re grateful for the support from companies like Colonial Life.

Kara Addy, assistant vice president for Branding and Communications at Colonial Life, says the Teen Life Skills program serves an important role in the community. 

This program helps teens learn valuable life skills that can help them become independent, responsible adults, she says. Colonial Life is pleased to help support programs like these that impact the overall health of our community. 

Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter provides a safe and nurturing environment for abused and neglected children and unaccompanied youth, offering them a broad range of services concentrating on personal healing and development. The shelter is open 24 hours each day of the year with medical and mental health care, crisis adjustment/transitional counseling, after school tutoring and recreational and social activities in addition to food, clothing and shelter.

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