Columbia-based Capitol Urology reports record vasectomy numbers

August 3, 2022

Vasectomy requests up 400% since Roe v. Wade decision

Men in South Carolina are following a national trend reported by urologists across the country—the time for a vasectomy is now.

Capitol Urology, an independent medical practice in Columbia, S.C. owned by Dr. Thomas B. Edmunds, Jr., has seen a 400% increase in vasectomy appointment requests since the overturn of Roe v. Wade earlier this summer.

“While recent legislation hasn’t changed what we do, it has given a lot of men a sense of urgency to go ahead and get a vasectomy.” said Edmunds. “It’s a simple procedure, and my goal is to continue to advocate for men to step up and take the burden of birth control off their female partners.”

Dr. Edmunds performs no-scalpel vasectomies in his office as a 15-minute out-patient procedure that is 99.999% effective, permanent birth control. Compare this to sterilization procedures for women that are major surgeries performed in a hospital and are much more expensive.

“A staggering 54% of pregnancies are unplanned, which can lead to relationship strain, financial hardship, serious health challenges for the mother, and more,” said Edmunds. “With fewer options now available to women, we’re seeing men of all ages choose a vasectomy and take responsibility for their part in family planning.”

Dr. Edmunds spends the initial consultation with patients sharing important information about the procedure. He says most men want to know about pain, recovery and if there are any long-term impacts of vasectomy surgery. Edmunds has performed nearly 4,000 procedures using a no-scalpel surgical approach, resulting in a faster recovery and less pain reported from patients.

“Most patients are shocked at how quick and painless the procedure is,” said Edmunds. “Recovery is three days of rest and a return to normal activity in ten days. My goal is to reassure and comfort patients and take care of them like family members.”

Important vasectomy facts:

  1. Vasectomies should be considered permanent birth control. While reversals are possible, they aren’t always successful and are costly.
  2. When done by an experienced surgeon, a vasectomy will not impact sexual performance. If anything, intimacy is improved when the stress of an unwanted pregnancy is removed.
  3. Sterilization is not immediate. It typically takes about 90 days to reach full effectiveness.

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About Capitol Urology

Dr. Thomas B. Edmunds, Jr. started Capitol Urology in 2005 to offer patients a more personalized healthcare experience. As a solo, Board certified physician, Dr. Edmunds is able to limit the number of patients seen daily and offer compassionate, individualized care without corporate medicine constraints. Dr. Edmunds sees every patient personally, and even provides his personal cell phone to vasectomy patients. Dr. Edmunds has performed nearly 4,000 no-scalpel vasectomies over the past 20 years.