Columbia Conference Center Sees Green with New Recycling Program

October 21, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC—October 21, 2008 – Columbia Conference Center, Research Associates, The Evaluation Group, and DuBose Web Group launched their new recycling program on Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2008. The companies, which are located at 169 Laurelhurst Ave., have teamed up with Sonoco Recycling to reduce the amount of trash that their facility sends to local landfills.

The eco-friendly policy was spurred by customers’ interest in recycling and the companies’ mission to improve lives.

“We are committed to making our community—and the world—a better place,” said Mike DuBose, president of Research Associates, The Evaluation Group, and Columbia Conference Center. “Our recycling efforts, along with our other programs like our community service committee, are part of the way that we are working to fulfill this commitment.”

Plastic bottle and aluminum can recycling bins have been placed in the meeting rooms and common areas of the conference center. Receptacles for office paper and cans and bottles have been placed in each division’s break room and the companies have leased a container from Sunoco to collect cardboard for recycling.

DuBose said that he hoped other companies in the area would be inspired to start recycling programs of their own. “It’s a smart move, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because people right now are very concerned with the state of the environment,” he said. “We used to have customers asking us all the time, ‘Where’s the recycling? Why don’t you recycle?’ Now we can tell them with confidence that we recycle and we care about the environment.”

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