Columbia Conference Center to Donate Half its Profits to Charities

October 15, 2007

COLUMBIA, SC – October 15, 2007 – Mike DuBose, owner of the meeting facility, Columbia Conference Center, and six other businesses, announced today plans to donate half the center’s profits to local, pre-determined charities and schools in 2007-2008.

When the center was built in 2003, many of the principles outlined in Jim Collins’ book Good to Great were followed. As a result, Columbia Conference Center became very successful and debt free, and is now in a position to share future profits with those in need.

Mr. DuBose commented, “As a Christian, I am taught that my giving should be made quietly in private and I have always followed that principle. However, it is our obligation, as successful businesses, to return some of our profits, time, and resources back to the community that has helped us become what we are today! All of us should be striving to make this a better world versus being selfish and greedy as we are witnessing so often in the business world today.”

Kim Inman, Vice President, noted “We want to thank our customers and staff for helping us grow our successful company so we could reach a position of giving back. In the next fifteen months, we will be awarding pre-determined scholarships, holding art shows, assisting schools with needed items in their budgets, and sponsoring community events like the new Palmetto Artist Series in Irmo.”

If your business would like to join in the campaign “Make the World a Better Place” or for more information about Columbia Conference Center, visit or  or call 772-9811.