Countybank & Greenwood Capital introduce Women’s Leadership Award

March 26, 2024

Countybank and Greenwood Capital recently introduced the Hazel B. Allin Women’s Leadership Award and announced its first recipient, Laura Beth Brooks, Corporate Governance Manager for Countybank.

Newly established in 2023, the Hazel B. Allin Women’s Leadership Award is presented to a female associate of either Countybank or Greenwood Capital. It is named in honor of Hazel B. Allin, Director Emeritus of Countybank and TCB Corporation, the first woman elected to either Board.

Allin most notably served as the first female CEO of a South Carolina community bank. She became a leader in the banking industry over her more than 40-year career, most notably during a time when women were outnumbered by men who held leadership positions by a ratio of 9 to 1. “Hazel is an inspiration to us all,” said Annette Scott, Chief Financial Officer for Countybank. “Her diligence, dedication, and wisdom have helped guide our organization, and through this award we are able to recognize future female leaders in our financial services companies.”

Associates who receive the Hazel B. Allin Women’s Leadership Award show exceptional ability to achieve business goals and personify the core, community-focused values of Countybank and Greenwood Capital. The award recognizes that every associate can be a leader, no matter what role they play in the organization.

Brooks, the first recipient of the award, joined Countybank in 2018 and is responsible for developing and implementing systems and processes that support the effective corporate governance of the organization. “I’m honored to recognize Laura Beth as the first recipient of this award,” said R Thornwell Dunlap III. “She has embraced Countybank and Greenwood Capital’s core values by developing and leading our strategic planning process, which will be instrumental to our future success. Laura Beth continues to play an important role in our organization’s growth.”

Recipients of the award will have the opportunity to cultivate an ongoing culture of women’s leadership at Countybank and Greenwood Capital through the establishment of the Hazel B. Allin Women’s Leadership Society. The society will provide female associates with opportunities for professional development and cultivate a strong culture of women’s leadership within Countybank and Greenwood Capital.