Cross Hill Fire Department Announces Annual Meeting

June 2, 2024

The Cross Hill Fire Department will hold its annual meeting on June 18th at 6 pm at the Watts Bridge Road fire station. This meeting will serve as an opportunity to update the community on various matters and seek confirmation on the department’s status, new bylaws, and 1 and 5-year plans. Additionally, the election of one board member will take place. Snacks and drinks will be provided for attendees.

In January, a meeting was held to elect a new board. The elected board members, each committed to a two-year term, bring diverse skills and dedication to their respective roles:

  • Lonnie Wilson – President
  • Joshua Tollison – Vice President
  • Steve Alley – Secretary
  • Tim Elmore – Treasurer
  • Ray Rhinehart – Director

Under the leadership of President Lonnie Wilson, the Board is poised to steer the Cross Hill Fire District towards a path of renewal and strengthened community support. The commitment to transparency and community engagement is evident in the planned schedule of monthly board meetings and an annual gathering for citizens, ensuring an open forum for questions and concerns.

The Board’s primary focus is on restoring and fortifying the fire department and its stations. Equally important is revitalizing a team of dedicated volunteers who play a crucial role in safeguarding the community. The community is encouraged to actively participate in these meetings, fostering a connection between residents and the fire department.

Residents are urged to attend, stay informed, and be part of the ongoing efforts to improve and support the fire department.