Cross Hill Volunteer Fire Department Acquires Federal Surplus Truck for Enhanced Response

April 14, 2024

In an exciting development for the Cross Hill community and surrounding areas, the Cross Hill Volunteer Fire Department has announced the acquisition of a specialized truck from federal surplus. This addition marks a significant step forward in the department’s capabilities, particularly in responding to woods and brush fires which are prevalent in the region.

The truck, obtained through federal surplus channels, is slated to serve not only Cross Hill but also mutually aid departments in the vicinity. Plans are underway to integrate the vehicle into operational readiness with the assistance of the Laurens County Fire fleet service. This cooperative effort aims to expedite the truck’s deployment, ensuring enhanced firefighting capabilities for the entire district.

This acquisition comes at a pivotal moment for the Cross Hill Volunteer Fire Department, which has recently undergone transformative developments. In a special meeting convened on January 23, 2024, at Station 2 on Watts Bridge Road, significant decisions were made to propel the department into a new era of effectiveness and community engagement.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new asset to our firefighting arsenal,” remarked Chief Michael Bolick. “This truck represents more than just equipment; it symbolizes our commitment to safeguarding our community and ensuring the highest standards of emergency response.”

The recent meeting not only addressed the department’s status but also saw the election of a dedicated Board of Directors. Led by President Lonnie E. Wilson, the Board comprises individuals dedicated to the department’s mission.

Under Wilson’s leadership, the Board is focused on revitalizing the Cross Hill Fire District and strengthening its ties with the community. Monthly board meetings and an annual citizens’ gathering have been scheduled to foster transparency and open dialogue. This proactive approach underscores the department’s renewed commitment to serving the community effectively.

“We are entering a new chapter for our fire district,” stated President Wilson. “The support and engagement of our residents are crucial as we embark on this journey together. We encourage everyone to participate in our meetings and share their insights.”

As the Cross Hill Volunteer Fire Department moves forward with its revitalization efforts, the community can expect enhanced firefighting capabilities and a renewed sense of purpose in safeguarding lives and property against fire hazards. The acquisition of the federal surplus truck represents a tangible step towards this goal.