Dan Tripp seeking re-election to Greenville County Council

March 28, 2022

Greenville County Council Vice-Chairman Dan Tripp today filed for reelection to the Golden Strip County Council District 28 seat.

Tripp was elected in 2018 to represent Greenville County Council District 28, which includes large portions of Mauldin, Simpsonville, and the Five Forks area. He currently serves as Vice-Chairman on the Greenville County Council, as well as Chairman of the Finance Committee.

“When first elected to Council, I promised to listen, learn, then lead on Greenville County Council,” said Tripp. “I have kept my word with my constituents on that promise.”

In his second term on Council, Tripp intends to focus his service around three vital areas: fiscal stewardship, rapid growth and congestion solutions, and a unified vision on Council.

Fiscal Stewardship – “As Chairman of the Finance Committee, I’ve worked to protect our county’s AAA credit rating, to keep taxes and fees under control, and to bring accountability and transparency to the biennial budgeting process. I will continue to build on that fiscal stewardship in the next term by working with my colleagues to establish budget priorities that sufficiently fund our roads and infrastructure, the sheriff’s office, and EMS, which will allow for the hiring of more deputies and first responders.”

Rapid Growth and Congestion Solutions – “I’ve listened to my constituents’ concerns about rapid growth and congestion in the Golden Strip. Rather than rubber stamping development projects in District 28, I will continue to ask developers tough questions about the impact of traffic and congestion. While I support rational growth, I’m committed to protecting our communities while repairing and improving our roads.”

Unified Vision on Council – “It’s no secret there’s a deep divide on Council. We are split 6-6 on most issues of substance. The fact is: this division is keeping Council from realizing a positive vision for our county’s future. Greenville County is projected to grow 40% over the next 20 years. We must develop a unified vision on Council for how we intend to handle that influx of growth and preserve a quality of life that our families and businesses deserve.”

Tripp was elected in 1994 to represent the Golden Strip in the South Carolina House of Representatives and served in the legislature for 12 years, in which he compiled a “squeaky-clean” conservative and business-friendly voting record. He has also represented the Golden Strip on the Greenville Legislative Delegation Transportation Committee – or C-Funds Committee – which approves funding for improvements to municipal, county, and state roads in Greenville County.

Tripp lives in Mauldin with his wife and children.