Discover the Triumphs of the South Carolina Patriot Militia at Laurens County Museum

June 4, 2024

Experience the riveting story of South Carolina’s transformation from oppression to victory! After the fall of Charleston, the darkest days of British rule began. However, what started as a bleak period evolved dramatically as the South Carolina Patriot Militia, led by heroes like Thomas Sumter and Francis Marion, rose to become a powerful fighting force. Join Durant Ashmore for an engaging discussion on this incredible turnaround and the book “The Day It Rained Militia” by Michael Scoggins on Tuesday, June 11, at 7:00 pm, at the Laurens County Museum, 116 South Public Square, Laurens, SC. This event is free for Laurens County Museum members and students, with a suggested donation of $5 for non-members.

In the aftermath of Charleston’s surrender on May 12, 1780, South Carolina faced the harsh reality of British retribution. Initially disorganized, the resistance eventually found its footing. Patriot leaders rallied backcountry homesteaders, achieving a stunning pushback of British lines by forty miles through six battles in just four days. Explore these pivotal moments and the lead-up to them on June 11.

The Laurens County Museum, open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, welcomes the public with free admission. Memberships are available for those who wish to support the museum. For more information about this lecture and other exciting museum programs, workshops, and exhibits, call (864) 681-3678, visit, or follow them on Facebook.