Diversified Computers Solutions Participates in Fourth Annual Homeland Security National Preparedness Month

September 7, 2007

COLUMBIA- Diversified Computer Solutions, Inc. (DCS) announced today it will host business preparedness seminars the entire month of September, in honor of National Preparedness Month 2007.

Hosting business preparedness seminars is a pledge DCS made when they signed up to become a coalition member of National Preparedness Month 2007.

The seminars are to encourage businesses to become proactive by preparing their business for all types of emergencies that could occur in their workplace.

“Too often we see business owners wait until after a major failure to realize the importance of being proactive in protecting their computer network.” said DCS Vice President Michael Taylor.

“When a business’ data is destroyed, or their network security is jeopardized, businesses find themselves being reactive after the damage is done. By hosting these seminars, we are hoping to encourage businesses to become proactive and help show them how they can protect their investment from disasters, both natural and malicious. Building a business is hard work, protecting it should not be.”

DCS will host the free information seminars all through September and encourage all businesses small or large to participate.

Important information about the free seminars:

• DCS COMES TO YOU: Experts will come into your work environment and offer one-on-one guidance on how to prepare your business.

• RUNNING SHORT ON TIME: Seminars will only last 10-15 minutes.

• WHY SCHEDULE A SEMINAR: Most businesses that experience a disaster, and their network is not properly secured, will close their doors within three years.

To schedule a seminar or learn more about what DCS is doing as a National Preparedness Month 2007 coalition member, call 800-518-9555.